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Dear Daughter,

Trusting. It seems to be a persistent topic in my conversations with the Lord as of late. I have realized, and soon enough you will too, that there is a huge difference between knowing that I can trust God and actually trusting Him. Knowledge is power but what good is power if you don’t actually use it? I know that I can trust God. I know it in my heart and mind but simply knowing it isn’t enough.

A few weeks ago, after reading a devotional and meditating on scripture during my quiet time, I listened to one of my favorite worship songs and, as I was listening, I began to sing:

“I know that I can trust You,

I know that I can trust You,

I know that I can trust You,

I lean not on my own understanding,

My life is in the hands of the Maker of heaven…”

As I reflected on these lyrics, I prayed and relentlessly declared to the Lord, “I trust You.” As I repeated these words, I considered the areas of my life where I need to trust God a little more. These are the areas that I haven’t fully relinquished control. It was at that moment that I thought to myself, “Yes, you can trust God but can God trust you?” WOW! You can imagine that my heart skipped a beat. It stopped me in my tracks and I sat and thought about it for a while longer… Can He trust ME? I thought of everything God has called me to do: all the visions, dreams, and assignments and all the commandments that He has given in His word. I realized that I hadn’t been faithful in my assignments. Conviction set in.

There is a specific assignment that God has placed in your hands. There are people in the world who are waiting… They’re waiting for you to fulfill your assignment. Lives depend on it. Souls are at stake.

Can God trust you? YES, He can!

The fact of the matter is that God knows that He can trust us but we don’t always trust ourselves. I had to ask myself, “What actions have you taken to show yourself trustworthy?” I have to say that I didn’t have much of a response. I had a lot of excuses which all stemmed from fear. For years, I have allowed fear to paralyze me from moving toward my destiny, but enough is enough! What is paralyzing you?

God has entrusted you with an assignment. He knows for sure that you have enough in you to complete it. My love, never forget that God trusts you enough to do your part. It’s your job to trust Him enough to do His.

Be Faithful in the Process,

Ana J.