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Dear Daughter,

I have heard others profess these words countless times and have even affirmed them myself over and over again, but I’m not exactly sure that we are fully aware of the depth of their implications. I trust you: three simple words that seem to be so easily understood. On the contrary, the convoluted phrase concerns more strenuous matters of the heart. The act of trusting is not as effortless as the words may roll off the tongue. Just think about it: relinquishing control; firmly believing in an expectation; confidence in the integrity, ability, and strength of something or someone…

I remember getting home late one night and I was exhausted. I didn’t feel like doing anything else and just wanted to jump in bed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I had no other choice but to stay up late to complete the tasks that lingered, and I am so glad that I did! I was awarded the opportunity to listen in on a discussion my mother was having with one of her good girlfriends. As we all sat in the kitchen, her friend asked, “What would you say is the greatest lesson you’ve ever learned?” I sat in my seat with my chin in the palm of my hand, silently pondering the question as I patiently awaited my mother’s response. She so graciously explained that, in this season of her life, she would say that her greatest lesson has been that you cannot trust man because people may fail you every time. Instead, You have to trust God.

This was just what I needed to hear! During that time, I was experiencing an insurmountable level of stress and anxiety, and it was at that moment I realized that I had it all wrong. My stress level was so high because I put my trust in all the wrong places. I was relying on people when I should have been trusting that God had the situation under control. I would love to say that after hearing those words I instantly and wholeheartedly trusted God in every area. If I’m being honest, I can’t make that declaration, but I can say that, although that issue hasn’t been completely resolved, when I feel stress rising, I intentionally remind myself that God knows better than I do. Only He knows what’s best.

Of all the years I have spent stressing about life, I can only imagine the sickness that has developed in my mind and body because I have been inclined to my own understanding. Yikes! And maybe this is true for you too. I get it. It’s hard enough to trust the tangible, let alone trusting someone you can’t see. In all actuality, the bigger issue is that you can’t really trust someone you don’t know. So, our first step in learning to trust is becoming more acquainted with Christ. It’s important to spend time reading of His character. For starters, God is not a man that He should lie (Num. 23:19). Therefore, you can rest assured that He will ALWAYS hold true to His promises. One of which is to never leave you nor forsake you!

Take some time to think about every situation in your life that God has miraculously resolved even though it seemed hopeless. Write them down. Read them often. The more you’re reminded that God worked it out before, the more you will trust and believe that He will do it again. Beloved, always remember that it’s better to trust in God than put confidence in man. Pour out your heart to Him. He is your refuge.

Trust God in the Process,

Ana J.