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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Dear Daughter,

Distractions. They have one purpose: to divert our attention, for amusement or distress, from reaching an end goal. They come and they go. Ideally, they would come in anticipated increments so that we are fully prepared to handle them as they creep their way into our lives. Wishful thinking. They don’t come as expected. Quite frankly, it may often seem as if they pop up at the most inopportune time. They come when you’ve finally found your rhythm… When you’re steadily headed toward achieving your goals… When you’ve finally mustered up the courage to follow the path to fulfilling your purpose.

Take it from me, do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow yourself to be so easily overcome by distractions. The consequence can be fatal and recovery can seem impossible. Since you already know they’re coming, how will you respond to these unanticipated interruptions? As I assess my own life, it is evident that when distractions come, good or bad, my attention is so effortlessly shifted. Instead of being Christ-focused, my engrossment with temporal satisfaction conveniently diverts my attention. My focus is masterfully redirected on clinging to that temporary “thing.” On the other hand, when adversity strikes, I almost instantly begin to question my purpose and whether I’m traveling the right road… I question God, His promises, and the word He has spoken to me. Either way, when I seem to get off track, it can be difficult to rediscover the path toward the assignments God has ordained for my life. Somehow, by the grace of God, I always find my way, but not without considering the time wasted on these senseless distractions.

Stay focused. Stand guard. Anticipate the distractions that will soon come. Understand that these prudent disruptions are specifically designed to shift your focus and deter you from reaching your destiny. Beloved, always remember to never allow your distractions to cause your destruction.

Respect the Process,

Ana J.