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Dear Daughter,

“You can miss the rest of your life, which could be the best of your life, by focusing on what was the worst of your life.” Write it down. Memorize it. Never forget it. I can’t tell you how many times I have made my “today” so much more stressful than it had to be because I refused to let go of my “yesterday.” So many missed opportunities, so many unnecessary arguments, so much negative energy wasted.

Sometimes it’s difficult to just let things go, especially when you feel offended. Trust me… I know! I, for one, can hold a grudge (with a tight grip) until the end of time. At some point, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized how much effort it actually takes to hold a grudge against someone. It takes effort to intentionally ignore someone when they are in the room. It takes effort to drag someone’s name through the mud trying to convince others of your point of view. It takes effort to be mad, angry, and mean. All that effort for nothing in return… It’s just not worth it!

I recently had an intense discussion with a close friend about something they did that offended me. Not only was I offended, I was extremely hurt by their lack of sensitivity regarding how their behavior affected me. It reflected in my attitude, in the way I talked to them, and in my behavior when they were around. Needless to say, it put a huge strain on our relationship. We didn’t hang out as much and we didn’t communicate as often. But what I didn’t recognize was how often I brought up the SAME issue even after it was discussed and resolved. I just kept beating that dead horse. For some reason, I couldn’t get over it. I realized it wasn’t them… It was MY issue. I had to dig deep and find out why I couldn’t move on. I had to do the heart work and it was not easy. I was missing out on the best of our friendship because I was so focused on the worst.

My Love, always remember heart work is hard work. Do the work so that you can move forward from the worst of your life and start enjoying the best of it!

Respect the Process,

 Ana J.