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Dear Daughter,

As I reminisce on the early teenage years of my life, I can vividly remember feeling that there wasn’t anything remotely interesting about me. I had a decent childhood. I would say I was a “good” kid… Never really got in trouble; I can count on one hand the number of times I was severely disciplined by my parents. Up until a certain point in my life, I felt that I lived a mundane, indolent lifestyle from day to day. I heard countless times that “God has a purpose and plan for everyone,” but that just didn’t seem relevant to my situation. Lo and behold, somewhere along the journey, I had one of the most inspiring “aha” moments of my life… I realized and embraced the fact that I have a story… not only that, but people actually want to hear it!

I once heard someone say, “We are as sick as our secrets.” I was blinded for years. You see, it wasn’t that I lived a dull, boring life, but I masterfully tucked away all the not-so-pleasant areas in a safe place cautiously protecting the memories I didn’t want anyone to know. The longer you convince yourself that your secrets are too shameful or that nobody cares, the longer they hold you hostage.

Your life isn’t just about you. There is someone in this world who will find solace in hearing your story. No detail is too small. What you think is insignificant may be a monumental epiphany for someone else. There is a liberating power in sharing your story. It gives others a sense of hope, and shows them that there is beauty in their ashes. How empowering!  My love, never forget that your scars help others on their journey to healing open wounds.

Share the process,

Ana J.